All Members and Guests are requested to be aware of the following guidelines whilst at Bacchus Marsh Golf Course:

Etiquette and Behaviour

Golf Carts:

  • Don’t drive in the rough unless you have a valid medical reason. Stick to the fairways, and if your ball is in the rough, walk to find it. The grass off the fairways is not robust and easily damaged.
  • Please stick to paths while driving the carts. DO NOT take carts onto the tees, or park them near the practice putting green.
  • Carts are not to be parked next to greens. Blue lines are painted across the front of greens approximately 10m from the front edge of the green. Please DO NOT take the cart beyond this line.


  • Repair all divots on fairways and plug marks on greens. If you see any unrepaired divots and plug marks they are YOUR responsibility to repair.
  • Be aware of sprig marks on the greens, especially around the cups. After your put please consider other competitors and repair sprig marks.
  • Enter bunkers via the back. DO NOT walk down the face of the bunker. Please make sure you rake the bunker – remember your fellow competitors. If you are in a bunker and it is un-raked it is YOUR responsibility to rake the footprints and divots.
  • Repair your divots on tees as required.


  • Move swiftly between shots.
  • When searching for a lost ball, remember 5 minutes is the limit and call up the group behind.
  • Mark your card after teeing off at the next hole.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your tee time. Late arrival without notification to the Pro Shop results in loss of tee spot.
  • If you are cancelling your game please ring the Pro Shop and notify them.
  • Rake bunkers after your shot.
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • Remember we can walk buggies across the greens to speed up play. They are NOT to be left on the green while putting out.
  • Line-up your putt while you are waiting to putt.
  • Repair pitch marks on greens and fill all divots through the green with sand.
  • Speed of play – Aim for 4 hours 15 minutes for stroke, and 4 hours for all other games. Remember – your place in the field is just behind the group in front of you, and NOT just in front of the group behind.
  • Your names need to be entered on the time sheet prior to hit off. The Pro Shop is responsible for the field. They are entitled to make changes to groupings as required (eg. a four and two will be split to make two threes).
  • Be aware of other players on the course – no yelling or boisterous behaviour on the course.
  • You are responsible for your scores to be entered into Slice at the completion of the round. If your score is not entered then you will be given an “illegitimate score”.

Dress Code

  • Minimum dress standards for the course are T-shirts (preferably shirts with collars), shorts, sport socks, and runners.
  • NO singlets or boots are to be worn by golfers.

Extreme Weather Policy

Hot Weather

If the weather for Melbourne is forecast to be 38℃ * or greater then:

  • For Members’ competitions held on Monday and Thursday, the final tee off time will be 9:45am.**
  • For the Ladies competition on Wednesday, the final tee of time will be 8:30am. **
  • For a Saturday competition, the afternoon round will be cancelled and an AM shotgun start will take place. Players will muster at the Pro Shop at 7:30am for an 8:00am start. Tee allocations will be made at this time. **
  • For Junior competitions, tee times will be changed so the final tee off time will be 7:30am.**
  • For all of these days, the programmed competition mat be changed at the discretion of the Match Committee or the Club Professional.

*  If a significant change in forecast temperature occurs overnight resulting in lower than predicted temperatures, contact the Pro Shop on (03) 5367 1410 to confirm whether the extreme weather policy will be enacted.

** Members are still able to play outside of these times, however there will be no competitions available to enter, no motorised golf carts will be allowed on the course, and members will play at their own risk.

Wet Weather

In case of extreme wet weather conditions involving the flooding of fairways and greens, the use of motorised golf carts and the closure of the course will be based on the recommendation of the Course Superintendent and/or Club Professional.

In the case of storms involving lightening, play may be halted temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the Match Committee or Club Professional. Players will be notified through the sounding of a horn. One blast is a temporary suspension of play. Players should immediately mark their ball, pick it up and head to cover. Two blasts is an immediate and permanent end to play.

Local Rules

Please check the Local Rules Board before playing.

  • Out of Bounds : Rule 27.1
    • All areas beyond the Club’s boundary fence.
    • All area beyond the line of white stakes with black tops.
  • Any tree or shrub which is staked or under 2 club lengths in height – relief MUST be taken.
  • Ground under Repair : Rule 25
    • Any area marked with white lines or defined by white stakes.
    • Cracks in ground.
    • Solidly embedded stones.
    • Wheel marks caused by machinery.
    • Paths or roads with artificial surfaces.
  • Immovable Obstructions : Rule 24.2
    All stakes (except out of bounds markers), sprinklers, watering control boxes, bins, safety fences, sheds, seats, ball washers, hoops, signs, distance markers and garden beds.
  • Overhead Wires
    A ball striking the power lines may be replayed without penalty.
  • The lowest handicapped player is captain of the formation and is responsible for maintaining etiquette and procedure.
  • Avoid disqualification by ensuring that scores are recorded correctly and card is signed by player and marker before submitting to committee.

Temporary Local Rules

  • Cracks Relief
    Relief may be taken from cracks (through the green) Rule 25.1.b
  • Marked Areas and Tree Stumps
    All marked areas and tree stumps – treat as Ground Under Repair relief Rule 25.1.b
  • Wheel Marks and Tracks
    All wheel marks and tracks – treat as Ground Under Repair relief Rule 25.1.b
  • Irrigation Work
    All excavation work associated with irrigation system – treated as Ground Under Repair relief Rule 25.1.b
  • Relief on Greens
    If the ball is on the putting surface, relief may be obtained from sprinkler heads and repaired work on greens.
  • Bridge Between 9th and 15th Fairway
    The bridge and rocky area to be treated as immovable obstruction Rule 24.2
  • Staked Trees and Trees Under Two Club Lengths
    This rule is intended to protect young trees identified by stakes. If such a tree interferes with a player’s stance or intended swing plane, the ball MUST be lifted without penalty and dropped as per immovable obstruction rule. Rule 24.2
  • Roped Off Areas
    All roped off areas of the course MUST be treated as compulsory Ground Under Repair and relief must be taken in accordance with the procedure in Rule 25.1.b
  • Garden Beds
    All garden beds on the course MUST be treated as compulsory Ground Under Repair and relief must be taken in accordance with the procedure in Rule 25.1.b