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320 m

298 m

212 m

Par 4

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Drive up the hill through the pines and one may feel a sense of Augusta.

Your drive needs to bend left but if that isn’t for you, just plant one 190 down the middle for an easy pitch to a green that seems further away than it is. Avoid the treacherous bunker on the left at all costs. When on the green do not be fooled by the fall of the surrounding area. Many visitors are left scratching their head on this green.

Dedicated to the late Ken Rogers.
Ken was affectionately called ‘the freshman’ by his regular playing group and other members who enjoyed a game of golf with him over the years. By definition a ‘freshman’ is someone who is either new and learning or the junior in the group. Ken was named our ‘freshman’. Like most golfers Ken could be off the fairway in the rough or behind a tree on many holes. However, when he came to the 15th tee, no matter how good or bad he was playing, he would tee the ball, hit down the right tree line with a slight draw and invariably place the ball in the centre of the fairway half way up the bend. Hence his playing group labelled the hole ‘freshman’s corner’ as he owned this fairway with his trademark drive.

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